A Live Event season is a scheduled event linked to a real world tournament (for example Wimbledon) where managers from all over the world compete in match in live. Each match won allows you to earn trophees and compete in an international event ranking.

Each Live Event gets his own setup (entry conditions, nb of sets, level of tournament and court surface with specific impacts...). You can access these rules for each Live Event.

Courts opened or closed?
To maximize real live matches, there are time slots where you can play or not. They are often linked to real life events.

Waiting an online manager or play against his IA?
You can wait to find an online manager or play against a real manager played by our IA (his behaviors will be determined by his previous matches).
Waiting a online manager allows you to score more trophies! But online manager are usually the best. Your choice!
To play a Live Event match, you have to use Arena tickets. You have a bar of 5 TLA tickets. You win 1 ticket per hour.