The Pro team is your team of tennis players who play on the pro tour.

You can't manage your Pro Team directly, but you can take a look at their performances and guide them.

You won't earn the prize money from you players' tournaments, but their contracts specifies that they owe you a part of their cumulated earnings at the end of the year each season.

Each player in you Pro Team is managed by an Assistant Manager, who favors their progress and allows you to earn a part of their prize money. Players left without an Assistant Manager won't progress, and won't return you anything from their prize money.

You can influence the behavior of you Pro Team by asking you Assistant Manager to choose their played tournaments according to specific criterias, and by asking them to train for the next tournament or to favors their progression.

You are also able to send one of your players to retirement to free some space in the Pro Team. Be careful, as his Assistant Manager and any cumulated earnings will be lost.

Finally, you can at any point choose to coach another member of the Pro Team. You will have to hire a new staff team for the new player, and to hire a new Assistant Manager for the other.

All players from your pro team will be available for the Tennis Live Arena.

How to interact with your Pro Team?
Tap on "Pro team" module on the home screen, then tap the speech bubble to get access to different choices:
*coach (it will end your coaching contract with your current player and you will coach this pro team player). Be careful ending a current contract will cost 50 tokens!
*orders (choose between short or long term training, and which type of tournaments the player will participate)
*retire (will fire this player from your pro team)
*choose an assistant manager (you will associate a new assistant manager to this player)