Your reputation fascinates many young talents, some of whom decide to join the Campus.
To attract new talent you must use the "Scouting" feature, which will allow you to choose which talents to bring into your Campus.
This new talent has an initial Overall Score upon arrival at the Campus and an estimate of the maximum Overall Score it can achieve. He will be between 14 and 16 years old.
This estimate is getting fine-tuned every week, you will have to be patient, pay a specialist or recruit them into your Pro Team to discover their true potential.
It should be noted that it will progress, but much slower than if you took care of it personally.
The young talent also has a special characteristic, a unique asset where again it will take patience to discover it (tap the button with your eye to access it).
Once you reach the age of 16 you can recruit your talents into your Pro Team. At the age of 17, they will leave your Academy, and most of them hope to join the professional circuit.

Young talents have a potential that varies from C to S+. Each new improvement will generally allow you to reach a level of "maximum potential".
But be careful, the chances of a young person with this potential entering your Academy remain low. It will therefore be necessary to be patient and carefully monitor new arrivals coming from scouting missions.
Improving your Campus improves the quality of your recruiters and the chances to get a "high" potential.