Your player has a behavior on court which depends on his natural playing style (neutral position of the slider), but you can change his strategy to enhance or diminish certain aspects of his game.
  1. Rally
    - Defensive: Your player will favor a stance behind the baseline, take less risks in his shots and his attacks at the net.
    - Offensive: Your player will favor a more advanced stance inside the court, will try to hit the ball early, cut the trajectories and perform riskier shots.
  2. Serve
    - Percentage: Your player will serve with a higher safety margin to guarantee a high percentage of successful first serves.
    - Big: Your player will try to perform a big service near the lines of the service box.
  3. Return
    - Secure: Your player will stand behind the baseline to guarantee a high percentage of successful returns.
    - Aggressive: Your player will position himself in the court and take more risks with an aggressive return.
  4. Spin
    - Topspin: Your player will favor topspin shots with curved ball trajectories which are often effective on slow surfaces like clay.
    - Flat: Your player will favor shots without spin as much as possible to speed the game up with straight trajectories, often effective on fast surfaces.
  5. Zones
    - On the body: Your player will try to fix his opponent and wait for an easy ball to attack him. When playing against highly mobile opponents, avoids giving them any angles.
    - Angles: Your player will try to make his opponent move around the court by widening the angles of his ball trajectories and create opportunities to attack in 2 or 3 shots. Effective against certain opponent profiles who are less mobile.
The efficiency of these strategies depends on your player's characteristics, his profile and especially on the context of the match: the surface, your opponent's profile and the level of your physical and mental shape bars.

Patrick will give you some advises during your matches. These advises come from all parameters detailed above. You are free to follow his advises or not ;) Sometimes it works, sometimes not, maybe your opponent is too strong!