To help your player make the difference during the match, you have instructions which give a significant but temporary advantage. Tennis is all about subtle tactics at key moments in the match, and choosing the right instruction at the right time can be decisive.
In career mode, you always have at least 4 instructions available depending on your Coach Level and your player's playing style. More instructions can be unlocked by getting a higher Coach Level.
You have to decide which instructions to bring with you during a match.
Here is the description of the different instructions :
  • Serve the Fire: The player's serve is much faster and more accurate. A weapon of mass destruction.
  • Rocket Return: Improves the quality of the return to put the server under pressure. Like Agassi, everything is in the eye and the timing
  • Defensive wall: The improvement of his physical abilities means that the player is harder to put under pressure. This is the Great Wall of China.
  • Chip & Charge: The player charges the net whenever possible to attempt increasingly decisive volleys worthy of Stefan Edberg
  • Powerful Forehand: The power of the player's forehand can punch even the tightest of defenses. BOOM. Thor… with a racket.
  • Super Sliced Backhand: The player delivers super sliced backhands like a metronome: precise, without any bounce, hard for the opponent to control.
  • Focus: In his bubble, the player stays focused and ignores his current physical and mental fatigue to boost his level of play. Iceman is back.
  • Give it All: The player boosts the intensity of his game without changing tactics; tennis that has the edge.